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WIndow Alert

Modern Square Decal Envelope

Modern Square Decal Envelope

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Protect our feathered friends with WindowAlert Decals - an innovative solution designed to protect wild birds from accidental window strikes. Each decal features a special UV reflecting coating. The coating creates a brilliant glow visible to birds only.

Key Features

UV Reflective Coating: The specialized UV coating ensures that birds see a brilliant glow, akin to a stoplight, making the decals a powerful visual deterrent.

Easy application: Place on the outside of the window.

Optimal placement: Scientific studies recommend positioning decals 4 inches horizontally and 2 inches vertically from each other.

Versatile and Repositionable: The static cling feature allows you to customize placement without any sticky residue.


4 decals per envelope, each approximately 3.5 inches across.

Type: Static cling. Made in the USA.


Create a bird-friendly environment effortlessly with WindowAlert Decals – where protection meets beauty and versatility.

UV coating will fade based on exposure and local elevation. For best results, replace decals every 4 months or test with the WindowAlert UV Flashlight.

(If a single bird repeatedly attacks your windows, please use our Stop Bird Attack product.)

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