Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications for Preventing Bird Strikes

Commercial application to SSA buildingAt WindowAlert, we provide high-quality commercial decals and UV Liquid for preventing bird strikes on windows. These products are designed for commercial structures. Our mission is to help protect wild bird populations and provide landlords with an elegant solution.

Many commercial structures make extensive use of glass and as a consequence may suffer hundreds of bird strikes per month. The greatest concentration of strikes will typically occur at or below the tree canopy.

Commercial structures present unique challenges for installing window products. Landlords must contend with the cost of installation on high-rise buildings, wind, architectural appeal, and even theft of products. That said, the need to protect wild birds remains.

Decal application at Mountain View CollegeThe ideal application of WindowAlert products is our commercial decals for preventing bird strikes interspersed with dots of UV Liquid. Combined, these two products create a visual barrier for birds.

When decals are not desired or allowed, our UV Liquid for birds may be applied alone without the decals. UV Liquid may be installed by window washers (typically two to three times per year) at the same time they are cleaning the windows. The window washers use our bingo marker to make a small dot of UV Liquid on commercial windows every two or three feet. For optimal protection, scientific studies suggest placing UV Liquid dots 4 inches horizontal by 2 inches vertical from one another. The dot dries to nearly clear and performs like a window decal, reflecting ultraviolet light. When installed properly, visitors to the commercial structure do not see the dots of UV Liquid, but birds do. 

Below are some sample commercial installations for your review.

Once you have installed WindowAlert products on your commercial building, please send us a photo! You may email photos and a description of your structure to

For more information on both our commercial decals for preventing bird strikes as well as our UV liquid for birds, please contact us.