Q. How many decals are in an envelope?
  • Most designs are packaged with four WindowAlert decals in each envelope. The Leaf Medley design has five decals and the Hawk design includes two decals. The Aspen Leaf design has eight small decals.
Q. Do the decals adhere to the windows due to static electricity or is an adhesive involved? (How do the decals stick?)
  • Our decals utilize "static cling" to adhere to windows. There is no adhesive.
  • Decals are easy to remove from glass. Occasionally, a residue of dust will exist at the outline of the decal. This may be easily removed with warm water and soap.
Q. Can you take the decals off windows and then put them back on?
  • Decals can be removed and later re-installed on a window. Prior to re-installation, restore the static cling by rinsing the decals in warm water.
Q. Can you wash the windows with the decals on?
  • Yes. If you leave the decals on the window and use a squeegee to wipe down your window, it may leave a halo around the decal. This halo can be diminished by dabbing around the decal with a clean towel.
Q. Can you see the decals when viewed from the inside of the house?
  • The decals have the appearance of frosted glass to humans.
Q. Are WindowAlert decals designed for commercial applications?
  • Our Classic Square decal is designed with modern dwellings such as condominiums and commercial structures in mind.
  • WindowAlert decals and UV Liquid are designed to be utilized together. In some situations (high-rise buildings, sky bridges, sea and wind walls, etc.) it may make sense to use UV Liquid alone. UV Liquid can be installed quickly by window washers and can withstand high winds often present around or at the top of such structures.
  • UV Liquid is a suitable choice for glass enclosures at zoos, city bus stops, etc. and where vandalism or theft may result in the loss of decals.
Q. Do the decals work if they are placed on the inside of the window?
  • Decals are designed to be installed on the exterior of a window and reflect UV sunlight directly to the eyes of birds.
  • Decals installed on the interior of a window are typically less than 25% effective. Why? In this situation, sunlight must often pass through a double pane window, off the decal, and then back out through the double pane window before reaching birds. Most of the UV sunlight is thus absorbed by the glass.
Q. Can the decals be placed on surfaces other than glass?
  • Our decals adhere best to glass surfaces.
Q. How long will the decals last?
  • Our decals have a coating that brilliantly reflects ultraviolet light. Like any product, man-made or natural, our decals will degrade when exposed to the elements. Direct sunlight, inclement weather, and higher elevations (greater UV exposure) accelerate degradation of the decals. For best results, reapply every four months or test with the WindowAlert UV Flashlight.
Q. Do the decals work when placed on windows that do not receive direct sunlight such as north-facing windows or those under covered porches?
  • Our decals do not require direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light is always present during daylight. This is why people can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.
  • The reflectivity of our products is determined by the UV index on any given day. Dark and rainy days have a low UV index. Clear, sunny days have a high UV index. Sunny days with a few white cumulus clouds can have the highest UV index because the clouds are reflecting sunlight back to Earth.