Danger Zones

  1. Bird strikes often occur when birds perceive a LINE OF FLIGHT through one window of your home and out another. This also occurs on buildings with corners made of glass. In these situations, position your decals to block a bird's perceived line of flight.
  2. Bird strikes may occur when birds see OPEN SKY reflected in your window. This may occur on certain windows or areas of a window based on the time of day or orientation to the sun. Use your decals to break up this reflection of open sky.
  3. Bird strikes are often a problem near BIRD FEEDERS. Bird feeders should be positioned closer than three feet or farther than 30 feet from your windows. Feeding birds are easily frightened and then take wild, evasive flight. If your feeder is close to the window, birds fly away from the house when frightened. Believe it or not, the safest feeders are window feeders which attach to the window itself.
  4. Bird strikes are a problem with highly reflective windows, windows near bodies of water, and windows near indoor mirrors. These situations may be difficult to remedy.