2003 Overview

WindowAlert was founded in 2003 by Spencer Schock. Prior to founding, Schock had noticed a propensity for birds to strike his office windows during migratory season. After researching bird vision, he embarked on a journey to reduce bird fatalities from window strikes (which number in the billions worldwide, each year). Early failures include coating windows with wax, soap, sunscreen, and more. Schock understood that success would hinge upon satisfying people and protecting birds. Both needs must be weighed equally.

Ultimately, the journey led to a window decal that brilliantly reflects ultraviolet light. Birds can see ultraviolet light, but humans cannot. The decals have a decorative appeal for people while at the same time, alert birds to the presence of windows.

Today the company is committed to the preservation and enhancement of wild bird populations worldwide. WindowAlert has been featured on television, in magazine articles, and in over one thousand newspaper articles nationwide.