UV Decals for Birds

Have you have ever heard a loud “clunk” against one of your windows? If so, it is time for you to invest in UV decals for birds. UV decals for birds reflect ultraviolet sunlight. This wavelength of light is invisible to humans, but glows like a stoplight for birds.

With millions of wild birds striking windows each year nationwide, UV decals for birds represent your chance to save wild bird populations against this senseless loss. UV decals are elegant, budget friendly, and cost-effective.

Where Birds Strike the Most

It is important to understand where birds are most likely to strike.

Line of Flight – The idea is to position your decals in the bird’s perceived “line of flight.” Birds may perceive a line of flight through one window and out another, or through a set of windows on the corner of your home, believing they can directly fly through. Place decals on these windows.

Reflective Surfaces – Another strike zone for birds may occur when they see the reflection of the sky on your windows, often at a particular time of day or near a body of water. Here, birds accidentally strike the glass surface believing they are flying through open sky. Make sure to install your UV decals for birds on these same windows.

Bird Feeders – The position of a bird feeder at your home or office can impact the number of birds strikes occurring on your windows. Wild birds at a feeder may be suddenly frightened by the arrival of a predator, such as cat or hawk, and fly wildly away and into your windows. To protect against this problem, position your bird feeder as close as possible to your home, ideally within two feet. If this is not possible, try to position the feeder at least 30 feet away from your home. Finally, installing UV decals for birds on your windows can help alert birds to the dangerous presence of glass.

For more information about UV decals for birds, be sure to call the WindowAlert team today.