How to Birdproof Your Home

If you are wondering how to keep birds from hitting your windows, we have the solution. Millions of wild birds strike windows each year, resulting in a continuing decline of these beautiful creatures. This is a sad statistic considering the fix is relatively simple. One easy and effective way to help prevent bird strikes is to apply our UV reflective products to your windows.

We offer both UV decals and UV Liquid. Both options provide you with an opportunity to save the lives of wild birds and beautify your home or office windows.

How to Keep Birds from Flying into Windows and Glass Doors

As mentioned earlier, we offer two anti-collision products or options for saving the lives of birds. Here is how to keep birds from hitting your windows:


WindowAlert was the first company ever to pioneer the use of window decals that reflect ultraviolet sunlight. This light is invisible to humans, but glows like a stoplight for birds. Decals come in a variety of designs from Leaf to Butterfly to Hummingbird and more. For optimal protection, scientific studies suggest placing UV Liquid dots 4 inches horizontal by 2 inches vertical from one another.

UV Liquid

WindowAlert is also first to pioneer UV Liquid. UV Liquid comes in a bingo marker that is used to make small dots on your windows. Each dot is applied as liquid that dries to nearly clear. Ideally, customers utilize UV Liquid in the gaps between our WindowAlert decals. UV Liquid, however, may be used alone for customers whose primary objective is a nearly invisible solution.

For more information on how to keep birds from hitting your windows, contact one of the specialists on our team today.