Butterfly Decal - Blemished 4-Pack

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Butterfly Decal - Blemished 4-Pack

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Introducing the WINDOWALERT Butterfly Anti-Collision Decal Blemished 4-Pack - your cost-effective solution to safeguard wild birds from glass collisions.

Each of the 4 packs includes two static-cling reflective decals, providing a total of 8 decals per purchase. Please note the slight blemish/flaw, allowing you to enjoy discounted pricing without compromising effectiveness. Crafted in the USA, these decals feature a special UV-reflective coating that creates a bird-visible glow, acting as a stoplight to prevent accidental bird strikes, while remaining invisible to humans. Easy application instructions are included: clean the exterior glass thoroughly, apply when warm, and concentrate decals at the center, spacing them every 2 feet for optimal protection. Scientific studies recommend placing decals 4 inches horizontal by 2 inches vertical from one another. The UV coating may fade over time due to exposure, so for continued effectiveness, replace decals every 4 months or test with the WindowAlert UV Flashlight. Each envelope contains 2 decals, ensuring comprehensive bird collision prevention. Help save beautiful birds by using WindowAlert stickers as a deterrent for wild birds from glass collisions.

The specially designed reflective material in each decal reflects ultraviolet sunlight as a glowing warning sign for birds, appearing as frosted or etched glass to humans. Designed for one-time application to exterior glass surfaces, ensure a clean and impurity-free surface before applying. Trust in WindowAlert, a pioneer in ultraviolet window decals since 2003, developed in Bend, Oregon. Decals are proudly made in the USA.

(If a single bird repeatedly attacks your windows, please use our Stop Bird Attack product.)

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